IFAF Continental Association of Europe (IFAF Europe)  is the governing body of American Football in Europe and recognized as continental federation by the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). IFAF Europe has more than 40 national federations as members and is representing more than 100.000 individual members in whole Europe.
IFAF Europe is sanctioning the Big6 European Football League (Big6 EFL( with its final game EURO BOWL as well as the European Football League (EFL) with its final game EFL BOWL, a national champion club team competition and the European Championships for national teams in various categories.

Major events are televised live on EUROSPORT, EUROSPORT 2 and domestic broadcaster e. g. ORF (Austrian National Broadcaster).
The Final Game of the 2010 European Championships took place at the Commerzbank Arena at Frankfurt am Main (Germany), a state of the art multifunctional soccer arena which was used for FIFA Soccer World Cup 2006.  The 2014 European Championships final was played in the Ernst Happel Stadion in Vienna (Austria) – THE national stadium of Austria.

IFAF Europe is a non-profit-making body. The purposes of American Football in Europe are:


  1. to organize, govern, represent, produce and promote American Football;
  2. to unite in recognized IFAF member Federations, and to maintain jurisdiction over all American Football athletes, trainers, coaches, officials, judges, administrators, or other technical officials and allied sportspeople, including all amateur and professional competitors;
  3. to enact, administer, and enforce standardized rules to which all international  competitions organized by it or its members are subject based on sporting principles, and in the best interests of American Football;
  4. to obtain the admission of American Football to the Medal Programme of the Olympic Games;  to support and promote Olympism in American Football and the world;  and to support the objectives of the International Olympic Committee;  and
  5. to advise and assist its members with their work in their own countries.
  6. To assist in promoting the game of American Football all over Europe without racial, religious, political, gender or any other discriminations and to take all practicable measures to stop such discrimination.
  7. To promote the development of friendly sporting relationships between the Members in the spirit of peace and mutual understanding, and to safeguard their interests.
  8. To provide, by means of statutory regulations, principles for settling any differences that may arise between Members.
  9. To oversee the organization of the competitions and tournaments and any other such events and to sanction international competitions of teams organized by a Member.
  10. To prevent infringements of IFAF Europe Statutes or regulations.