How to use the built-in Shortcodes

    Display a letter as dropcode, example:

    Highlight text with every color you like, example:

    [highlight color=’#???’]Text…[/highlight]
    Add a responsive video to your content (works only with iframes), example:

    [flexvid]embed code[/flexvid]
    Add a label “Advertising” to your ads, example:

    Display content in a message box, example:

    [box type=” toggle=” height=”]Your Content…[/box]
    Types for message boxes are:

    normal = gray color box
    alert = red color box
    success = green color box
    infobox = yellow color box
    event = blue color box
    If you enter toggle=’1′ there will be a small X in the upper right corner to hide the box. You can also set a minimum height for the box, e.g. height=’200px’

    Column Shortcodes

    With the column shortcodes you can divide your content very easy in columns. You should always start with a new [row] of columns. For example, in case you want to add two half columns to your content, just add these shortcodes:

    You can do the same with: [third], [two_third], [fourth], [three_fourth] or [fifth].

    Testimonial Shortcode

    [testimonial author=’name’]Text…[/testimonial]
    Slider Shortcode

    If you want to display more than one testimonial or several images and let them rotate on your website, you can use e.g. this slider shortcode:

    Slider with testimonials, example:

    [slider type=’testimonials’]
    [slide type=’testimonial’ author=’name’]Text 1….[/slide]
    [slide type=’testimonial’ author=’name’]Text 2….[/slide]
    [slide type=’testimonial’ author=’name’]Text 3….[/slide]
    Slider with images, example:

    You can use each testimonial or image slider once per page. If you use more than one slider per page, it won’t work.